Stop and Remember

Read Genesis 46:1-27 We can only imagine the emotions bubbling inside of Jacob as he sets off to Egypt to be reunited with Joseph. Was he experiencing joy, anticipation, anxiousness, fear, or doubt? Perhaps all of the above? On his way, Jacob stops in Beersheba, a place both Isaac and Abraham had received a promise […]

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Are We There Yet?

Read Genesis 45:16-28 Many years ago two relatives of ours (a pastor and his wife) suddenly and without comment stopped having anything to do with us. During one stretch of time they lived perhaps 35 miles from us and would visit friends of theirs who lived just two blocks from our apartment, but they said […]

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“…but God…”

Read Genesis 45:8-15 “So then, it was not you who sent me here, but God…” (Genesis 45:8) God once again turns “common sense” on its head. Joseph’s reply to his brothers, when they came expecting the worst, is “but God” (vs. 8). He goes on to explain the unexpected way God used his brothers’ mistreatment […]

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Preparing the Way

Read Genesis 45:1-7 It often takes the passage of time to appreciate unpleasant seasons in our lives. When are things going to improve? Why is this happening? Is the change worth the cost? Will I ever be the same again? In our reading today, Joseph shared with his brothers that he understood the purpose behind […]

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Reconciliation in Community

Read Matthew 18:15-20 I grew up with three younger brothers. Younger me thought they were the worst! They would mess with my stuff, make annoying noises, and even look at me weird! The nerve, seriously. There were plenty of times we fought with words and, of course, fists. And there were many times we came […]

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Costly Reconciliation

Read Romans 12:9-21 “Let love be genuine,” Paul writes, challenging the church in Rome to a high standard of unity and forgiveness towards one another. Learning to love others better is a journey that God calls us on, lasting our whole lives. It’s easy to love others when you’re laughing with them at a joke, […]

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Choices Have Power

Read Genesis 44:1-34 “Our choices…have power to affect others in ways we did not intend.” In what is arguably one of the greatest arcs in the story of Joseph, many hearts are exposed. Most clearly, Judah had a change of heart after seeing the grief that marked the rest of his father’s life after the […]

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