I’ll Take a Reuben

Read Genesis 37:21-28 We may feel betrayed when our selfish or childish dreams (even those dreams that are meant to encourage others) are dashed, but we shouldn’t be surprised. They aren’t the dreams to pursue. But when we have earnestly sought after God and He places those dreams in us and they are shattered, we […]

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Read Genesis 37:12-20 How do you go about your day or week, or for that matter planning your life? Most of us have schedules to keep, people to see, and ambitions to chase. We work, we play, and we plan for retirement. In some ways we think we can control our lives. There is also […]

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Speaking Truth at a Cost

Read Genesis 37:5-11 Think about a time when you were with someone who was more intelligent, more gifted, or more accepted than you. Did you become resentful towards that person because you lacked what they had? Joseph’s brothers felt a similar way towards their younger brother. Their “perfect” brother not only received special treatment and […]

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Living in Unjust Narratives

Read Genesis 37:1-4 It can be really easy to make Joseph’s brothers the “bad guys” in this story. Yes, they slander their brother (vs. 4), and yes, they will certainly do some horrific things to him in the future. But when I read this passage, I also see their humanity. Here are brothers who, just […]

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Not Me

Read Matthew 26:14-16, 20-25, 31-35 To betray someone is to expose them to danger by your actions, or to treacherously give information to that person’s enemy. It could be the act of being unfaithful or of not fulfilling an obligation. I shudder as I view the disciples and see myself in them, especially when my […]

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Purpose in Pain

Read Matthew 10:16-23 Joseph endured great suffering for the preservation of God’s chosen people. The disciples, along with the early church, were persecuted and scattered so that the Gospel could prevail and be spread across the world. From our perspective we can see that God had very specific purposes for the suffering of both Joseph […]

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Fortunes Changed

Read Psalm 105:17-22 I grew up in a chaotic home. Both of my parents were married three times, and their various spouses were married multiple times. It was easy to get lost in the shuffle and to wonder where I fit, even as I felt I never belonged. I recently learned through Ancestry.com that my father […]

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